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Nobles Group Homes, Inc. provides Residential & Community Habilitation Services for young children, young adults and for the mentally challenged.

Through a cooperative relationship with the Department of Human Resources and The Department of Mental Health & Mental Retardation, our homes provide a friendly, informal, homelike environment for all of its consumers.

The primary emphasis of our service program is to assure that children and
young adults are assisted towards achieving their maximum level of functioning in
the least restrictive environment.

The therapeutic milieu of this facility covers socialization skills, problem solving
techniques, self care skills, daily routine activities, household and personal hygiene, community involvement, inclusive of public transportation, medical services, recreational services, social and ecclesiastical experiences: shopping, eating out, attendance at and participation in sporting activities.

To address current and future medical and psychiatric problems requiring treatment and to provide preventative medical care, each child or young adult will continue to participate in any treatment program already ensuing, and at a minimum, will be provided annual podiatric, ophthalmologic, medical, dental, and otolarnyxgological examinations. Persons accepted into Nobles Group Homes, Inc. will have a continuity of services consisting of continued education training through Day Habilitation Programs, local schools or vocational program. In addition, each consumer will be registered with appropriate medical personnel for continuation of medical care and for the purpose of preventive medicine. Each consumer will be seen by an internal medicine doctor annually and on an as needed basis. They will receive dental evaluation annually and on an as needed basis; Podiatry evaluation and services quarterly, behavioral management services and other specialist evaluations and treatment as deemed necessary by case records. Children will receive biannual drug and sex education, through the utilization of various established community programs.
Services will be provided in such a manner as to provide incentives for improvement of attitudes, values, self esteem and responsible behavioral on the part of each consumer.
Assimilation of each child into the community will be accomplished through regular outings to athletic events, social events, church visits, movies, bowling, swimming, fishing, and sports participation, Volunteer of Mobile and Boys and Girls Club. All services will be provided in accordance with an individual service plan for each consumer.

Daily habilitation, educational training programs, schooling, supported employment participation, and/or work involvement will be continued and/or initiated for each child.

Supervision is provided in the home twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week while consumers are in the home and if necessary, companionship and supervision is provided while consumers are in weekly day programs. All other activities, while away from the facility, are under the supervision of appropriate staff.

It is expected that placement into this facility will be permanent, or until such time as the consumer is prepared to live independently or semi-independently in supported housing.



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